Where the miracle begins

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Sometimes, defeat is the best beginning! If you’re at the bottom, there’s only one way to go — UP. But more important, if you’re flat on your back, mentally and financially; you’ll usually become sufficiently disgusted to reach way deep down inside yourself and pull out miracles, talents, abilities, desires and determination. The miracle BEGINS with never again, no more & I’ve had enough. These words rattle the power of #time, fate AND circumstances.

If this message finds you in the middle of your own personal journey or slump, affirm this: I WILL rebound from this moment just as SURELY as I gravitated into it (take a moment on that point). It is a temporary situation and simply “a moment in #time.”

Be thankful for your current situation. You’re only given as much as you can handle. This too shall and will pass, ONLY if YOU grasp for a new beginning! As I encourage you, I also encourage myself. MAKE today great!

Give time, Time! Heal, until you are healed.

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