Give time, Time!

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Because I know how far I’ve already come, the journey before me does not discourage me whatsoever. The road that I’ve traveled to even get to this current place took extreme faith and endurance like no other, with a whole lot of Grace AND Mercy along the way. The road behind me serves as a very EFFECTIVE yet simple truth that simply whispers … there will be EVEN MORE glory after this current season. In turn, it is also a constant reminder that insures I’ll keep running towards TOTAL healing no matter how hard or unsure this journey will get.

If you follow the process to its end, eventually, you’ll come to a place where what used to hurt you, no longer does. One of the great things about the healing process is that … you actually become healed.

Healed people, heal people.
Broken people, break people.
Loved people, love people.

Give time, Time! Heal, until you are healed.

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