Strength, Courage & Determination

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Some of the bravest people in the world are set right in front of your eyes. They come into our lives bearing many gifts and share sacred messages with us along the way, that we sometimes miss. They are the angels amongst us… At some point you get a chance to really “see” and experience their strength and realize what strength, courage and determination actually means.

#Time has a way of highlighting the most important parts of your life, and learning is a #gift even when pain is your teacher.

When I think about my beautiful baby girl and the many gifts she left behind, I’m encouraged. When I think about her journey for the 22yrs that God lent her to us, I know I’ve been blessed with an incredible miracle. When I get battle weary, I look at how she persevered and taught me more than I could’ve ever taught her about true strength … and I keep going. When life hits harder than I’m prepared for at the moment and I find myself completely overwhelmed by the grief of missing her, I remember how she smiled through some of the worst days imaginable and I find renewed strength.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from her is, “You don’t EVER need permission or validation to do what’s best FOR YOU. If it brings peace to YOUR soul and you are in touch with your creator, then that’s all the confirmation you need. Remain open to this new path/direction. Yes, it’s unpaved and unchartered territory but, it came to you for a reason. It’s time to blaze this new trail. Be encouraged 🌺

Trust the journey. Everything is as it should be. #GOT

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