“A life well documented, is a life well lived” 🌺

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Today like every day, I honor and celebrate my daughter Brittani’s life and her memory as I continue on with her legacy of uplifting and inspiring others. Today I send my love and deepest gratitude to Heaven first of all to thank God for choosing me to be the mom of an angel here on earth. I thank God for the many lessons and miracles we discovered together. I’m thankful for this beautiful life that forever changed my life 28 years ago today. I’m thankful for finding purpose through trials and strength at rock bottom. I’m so very thankful to have witnessed strength, courage and determination in its rawest form. I thank God for the impact my sweetheart had on many people around the world who have come to know and love her through her journey of hope and insurmountable faith.

Lastly, I thank God for this beautiful angel that I get to call my daughter and oldest baby girl. Today, I wish you a very Happy 28th Birthday in Heaven. You are loved and incredibly missed always Brit.

“A life well documented, is a life well lived” 🌺

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