The world is waiting on you to FULLY come alive!

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As you begin to Love Yourself, you will find that pain and suffering are only warning signs that you are living against your own truth.

Don’t stop because you’re tired, keep going because you’re almost there. Speak LIFE! The words you speak will frame your future.

To those who get it: Your time, energy and attention are precious investments! Be careful about depositing them where they are not valued.

To those who don’t: The time spent trying to bring someone else down could be better spent bringing your integrity and purpose up!

FN: Before the truth can set you free, you need to know what lie is holding you hostage. The world is waiting on you to FULLY come alive. Prayers of the righteous do indeed availeth MUCH! #seasonofconsecutiveWINS #NOWfaith #transform #BEtransformed #lightuptheworld

Heal, until you are healed. Give time, Time! #GOT #GiftOfTime #GOTFoundationInc
“Un-masked, Un-broken, Healed & Set FREE”

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