Happy New Year from G.O.T. Foundation, Inc. #2017bestnine

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2017 was an absolutely tremendous year full of growth, healing & transformation for me! I lived life to the absolute FULLEST in every aspect and I have to say I’ve had the time of my life doing things and living a life I had only ever dreamed of and I’m beyond thankful to have experienced it all with my absolute best friend by my side every step of the way.

There were so many happy moments that I couldn’t possibly account for them all, but with growth also comes painful moments too. I’m encouraged that the tears I cried through those moments in 2017, only further strengthened me and watered the seeds for the 2018 Harvest that is on the horizon. With that said, I declare that 2018 will SURPASS the previous year as I embark on another new season and chapter.

FN: The first draft of my book, “Un-Masked, Un-Broken, Healed & Set Free” is FINALLY complete! It’s been a project 8yrs in the making and 28yrs from the first time when I first realized that a book at some point would be forthcoming. It is an in-depth and raw piece of my soul and I’m SO proud to be at this step in the journey with it. BUT God! 🙌🏾

For your love, encouragement, support, prayers & for your part in my journey … I thank you! More to come … #NOWfaith 🌺🌸

On behalf of myself and G.O.T Foundation, Inc Happy New Year! #GOT #GiftOfTime #GOTFoundationInc

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