Can God Trust You with Trouble?

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Message from @bishopjakes Can God trust you with trouble or are you only here for the ride? For the thrill… the good time. You show up for the party, not the problem. The blessing, not the burden. Can God trust you with trouble, toughness, chaos? Can you be favored and frustrated and still be standing there fighting anyhow? 

You have to know that your YES does not mean it will come with a burden-free life. The fact that you have frustrations or the presence of fear does not mean you don’t have favor.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, take a moment and think that maybe God chose YOU for that assignment. He knew that a lesser man would have caved. That a weaker woman would’ve walked away. That a more childish individual would’ve thrown in the towel. Yes I get mad, I’ve thrown in the towel before and got frustrated BUT through it all, I kept on swinging right back. #doesHestillhaveyourYes#journeythroughgrief#healingjourney#griefsupport#angelmomma


Trust the journey. Everything is as it should be. 

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