God Understands the Cries of your Heart

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God understands the cries of your heart, even when they are too deep for words. This morning many of us woke up missing someone we love, who passed away.

Life is so predictable and comes with unexpected twists and turns, but I just want to encourage you that you are not alone and are capable of surviving loss too. Even in the midst of sadness, you can still have gratitude and find a reason to smile again. Cherish the #timeyou have with your loved ones, and give them their flowers while you still have them around. Tomorrow isn’t promised and neither are second chances. While we remember to true reason for the season, let a grieving family member or friend know you’re thinking of them today. 

I took a pic of my daughter’s pics to have close by and my iPhone actually added them to my “selfies” folder. I guess the facial recognition technology thought we looked alike, so I decided to add her pics side-by-side with a few recent pics of mine and WOW! 

We often talked about how she looked more like her dad than me, but this has officially changed my mind and that debate is now settled lol. Coming across these pics of my daughter was an instant reminder to never get so comfortable in your pain that you forget happiness is still an option. #BrittaniChantalSpight #mommysgirl #journeythroughgrief#healingjourney #griefsupport #angelmomma 

Trust the journey. Everything is as it should be. #GOT #GiftOfTime#GOTFoundationInc 

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