I’m still not worthy but I’m grateful 🙏🏾

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For most this may be a past tense statement, but because of God’s Grace & Mercy I still get to spend time with my angel #BrittaniChantal in my dreams.

During my awake hours, I think about the countless months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds we spent post-diagnosis —driving to doctors appointments, the countless laughs we shared along the way, the inside jokes, the many problems of the world that we solved together, the countless amount of hugs I gave you as I picked you up to transfer you from your chair to the point of injuring my back but there’s nothing I’d do to change any of that #time, not for anything in this entire world. It was such a blessed and sacred time in our lives even with the many difficult days when I found it hard to catch my breath, yet your faith, resolve and that smile you had that could cure anything remained strong throughout.

I thank God daily for your place in my life. I’m still not worthy but I’m grateful.

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Give #time, Time! Heal, until you are healed. #GOT #GiftOfTime#GOTFoundationInc

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