The Seemingly Strong Woman

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The world embraces the seemingly strong woman … the one who will and can do it all — up to and including grieving the loss of her child and she will STILL show up for the world on a daily basis while her soul is severely broken. She pours herself into others’ problems and arrives with her cape on every damn time to save the day for everyone else; but never seems to show up for herself. She’s poured herself into work, the children, her mate, running the household, being a friend and mentor — carrying everyone else’s load while hers is on the shelf festering.

This woman/mom, the one who seemed unbreakable — broke! She eventually had to drop the fake smile and the many masks that she wore to make it all look so ‘pretty and perfect’. At rock bottom, when the masks were too painful to wear, she knew she had to cry out to her Father in Heaven.“Jesus, I can’t do this anymore.” And He replied, “Daughter, I never intended for you to. I’ve been waiting for you to let ME carry YOU.” This was her meeting with God and the moment her life began to change.

FN: Inspired by my book, “Un-Masked, Un-Broken, Healed & Set Free” Having the strength to persevere is one thing, but when you compartmentalize and/or flat out become disassociated as a coping mechanism — both are emotionally dangerous! Neither will assist or aid in your healing, if anything they will prevent you from facing the core of your pain that’s screaming to be healed … and hence the vicious cycle continues. She was once me. 🐛🦋

Please check on the “strong women” around you, especially if she’s gone through it going through a recent tragedy. Make sure they really are ok. She will likely always say she’s fine and even add a smile behind it, but if you look into her eyes and are really in tune with her spirit, you know she’s not. As a whole, we need to stop placing people on pedestals that no human can live up to. We’re all vulnerable to something.

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If it hurts, it CAN heal. Trust the journey #GOT #GiftOfTime#GOTFoundationInc

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