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This part of grief is completely up to you. It will be the reason you either stay stuck, depressed and emotionally spiral out of control or move on and continue to discover what brings your soul alive again i.e.; your new normal.

As an angel mom, I HAVE to wake up daily and DECIDE that I will live with peace, joy, happiness and integrate that with the pain of my incredible loss. It took me such a long time to find that right balance. Initially I felt guilty for a long time thinking I was forgetting my daughter and I felt like I was leaving her/her memory behind. But she kept visiting me in my dreams and kept reminding me of how much she loved me and wanted to see me finally be happy in this life.

She’s been and still is my biggest cheerleader. I soon realized that I can live knowing that by finding, experiencing and sharing JOY, is the best way to honor her. I only intend to be a light for others who have lost their way on the cycle of grief.

Joy is possible again. Peace is possible again. Happiness is possible again. A new beautiful life is possible again. All of which are up to you to decide that’s what you want and to intentionally go for just that. Stay in faith. 🙏🏾♥️

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If it hurts, it can heal. Heal, until you are healed. Give #time, Time! #GOT#GiftOfTime #GOTFoundationInc

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